Kevin is originally from New York State but calls West Virginia home after living in North Central WV for the past 30 years.

In the early ‘90’s Kevin was in a band called ‘The Innocent’ which played briefly in the Morgantown area. Several of the band members were college students who left the band after the school year was over; hence the end of ‘The Innocent’.

Shortly after ‘The Innocent’ project came to an end Kevin took an eight year hiatus from guitar playing.

"...I missed playing music during that time but other things took precedence. It was a long eight years and thank God things are different today! It was just a matter of time before I got back into playing guitar...”

Kevin Co founded the Morgantown based band, ‘Prankster’ which focused more on newer modern and alternative hard rock. The members of ‘Prankster’ played together for  several years. All good things come to an end; as did the band after Kevin decided to leave and pursue a new project.

“...I did a lot of thinking before I decided to leave the band. It was a lot of fun playing with ‘Prankster’ but after a while I wasn’t growing as a guitar player. The guys didn’t take the news well but eventually accepted it. I still consider them good friends...”

As most musicians know it is tough finding the right mix of people to put together a band. Kevin thought he found that with his new band, ‘Captain Howdy’.

”...The musicianship was great with ‘Captain Howdy’. We spent a lot of time getting together a good set list and rehearsing. Shortly after we started doing shows two of us had major changes in our work schedules. (Yes, we have to work for a living too.) The band never recovered from that...”

Most people would give up but not Kevin. His desire to play is strong and he is not discouraged easily. After many months the work schedule changed and gave the opportunity to play again.

"...I had met a guy during a jam session at a friends house. He had been calling me for months; trying to get me come out and play with some guys he knew. After meeting and playing with the guys on several occasions I decided to come aboard as the band's guitar player. Exxposure was born..."

Exxposure performed most Fridays and Saturdays for seven strong years all over North Central West Virginia. That kind of dedication takes a toll, so after a lot of thought, Kevin decided to take some time off to rest. The group decided to call it quits and move on to other projects.

"...After a few years I felt the need to get out and
play again; maybe not every weekend, but at least two or three times per month. It took a lot of searching and auditions to get the right mix of people together but we have something special here with the Rock City band. I feel good about this group of guys. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish...”